WHAT IS THE Creatif Junction?

A collective passion for art & Architecture which provide you the latest collection of jewellery and accessories. Creatif Junction show the timeless prices which represent the pinnacle of design & craft. We represent to you the finest jewellery from Creatif Junction that is exclusive with an array of intriguing and delightful styles. There is literally nothing around the world.


Polymer clay, a medium which caught my attention accidently while surfing randomly, but it was so alluring that I kept returning to it. I could not resist trying my hands on it. However, it seemed unattainable. When I tried to procure it, I found it is imported from US and is available only on select craft shops. The only option was to order it online and wait. When it came into my hands, I found that it is like putty which can be twisted and turned in the hands and be molded into desirable shape. This opened a huge vista of creative ideas. I was royally hooked to the clay. What started as a hobby became so consuming that it absorbed all my free time. The first trials were not so satisfactory but I kept on trying. As the old adage goes, practice makes a man perfect, so it is. However, perfection is relative term which according to me is yet to be achieved.

Our core values

CREATIF JUNCTION offered on a range of products from ethnic categories which binds us together. The unique spirit and way of working together have crystallised into a set of company values known as Creatif junction, which combine our three core values: pride, passion and performance.

Fashion is about change and for us the philosophy is always the same… that the clothes have to really modern same with as jewellery too. We give you latest hand woven jewellery and accessories and many more.
Polymer clay, a medium of attention that is imported from US and is available only on select craft shops. The only online shop that provide finest variety . So just order it online and try something that is really beyond your expectation.
One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art. Life is too short to wear a boring jewellery. As we know that jewellery has the power to be this little thing that can make you feel unique.
Don’t say I wish say I will… so what are you waiting for try the latest fashion accessories, home décor and many more. We allow your pocket to purchase anything from our store that is simply awesome.