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All you need to know about e-commerce?

In short, e-commerce is simply the process of buying and selling products by electronic means such as mobile applications and the Internet.

E-commerce refers to both online shopping as well as electronic transactions.

The popularity of e-commerce has increased dramatically over the past decades.

Creating an e-commerce website has never been easier, the days are gone when you hire a web designer and developer to get an online product gallery or start your e-commerce.

Currently, some e-payment applications such as People Bill can launch an e-commerce store within minutes.

As a result, people reap all the benefits that e-commerce stores offer.

What are the benefits of e-commerce?

Here are seven reasons why e-commerce is an attractive choice for entrepreneurs:

1- Global extension: With an actual store, you are geographically limited in the neighboring markets and it is difficult for you to create another branch for your store while e-commerce does not have this restriction.

Through e-commerce, you can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world, using electronic payment gateways to easily receive your payments.

2- Always open: actual business hours for companies are usually limited, but the online e-commerce store remains “open” 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. This is very comfortable for the customer and an excellent opportunity for merchants.

3- Cost savings: E-commerce companies have significantly lower operating costs compared to physical stores. There is no rent, no staff for hire and payment, and very few fixed operating costs.

4- Targeted Marketing: Online merchants can collect a surprising amount of consumer data to ensure the right people target their products.

Now that you know the importance of electronic commerce and its role in developing your business, learn about everything you need to take your e-commerce project from the design board to the Internet:

1- Choose the product:

The e-commerce market is competitive so you have to look at the areas where you have an advantage. This could mean selling the product you designed, selling to a specific community in niche markets, or picking up new trends early on. Ensuring that you have a sustainable product from the beginning helps to lay a solid foundation for your e-commerce

2- Create a business plan:

Creating a clear business plan is crucial to creating a successful business, and not just because your e-commerce is done online makes it an exception. You need a business plan that includes a strategy for financing and marketing, and advertising and business advertising.

3- Create your e-commerce website:

If you have a technical background to build your site from scratch, this is always an available option, but the odds are that you will want to take advantage of the resources already available to create an online store.

 With sites like Shopify and E-Commerce, you can buy your domain name and use the tools available on these sites to build a dedicated website from the ground up.

And if you are looking for a more comprehensive and less expensive option, you have an invoice application that provides the advantage of creating a mini online store to sell products online and receive their price through a completely secure payment gateway.

4- Marketing Your Website:

Once you create your business and make a list of your inventory, it is time to start thinking about the company’s official opening.

How you can launch your website will depend largely on your resources. If your business is small, be sure to take advantage of social media to advertise your site.

 After launching your site your marketing plan should not end, make sure that you use Google Analytics to better understand your customers and their habits.

What is the relationship between e-shopping and increased sales?

In light of the fierce competition to acquire the market by supporting business establishments with plans, strategies, and marketing ideas through the integrated marketing mix, e-marketing was considered as one of the important dimensions and strategic gains in modern marketing as it is not related to time, place or language but can reach at any time without permission, The technical strategy for the world of creative distinction for every company or organization that begins since this company or institution plays its effective role in using integrated electronic marketing methods, as:

E-marketing has a great role in increasing profits and improving the level of quality.

E-Marketing helps boost competitiveness.

The ability and desire of all commercial establishments to develop their electronic marketing system.

Electronic marketing has a major impact in activating the continuous increase in sales percentages, and in increasing the sale of services and products of companies and institutions.

Create your online store and enjoy collecting your money online with an invoice


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