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Aukey EP-N5 True Wireless Earbuds – Review, Features, and Specification

Hello everyone today we take a closer look and as promised a new product from Aukey, these are model EP-N5 headphones, and these are real pair of wireless headphones economy which are on sale for 90 € at first glance I find that its promises, especially since Aukey, have created these headphones with the noise cancellation or ANC system, I already talked about how this feature was reserved more expensive high-end wireless headphones and headphones. If you want to buy the best earbuds? So I would like to give pTron Bassbuds review. It is truly amazing. Bassbuds come with high bass and crystal clear sound quality.

What is also good is that this model is economical, otherwise, the normal mode will last seven hours and in normal mode with the ANC on, they allow 4.5 hours, and with the combined battery box you get up to 35 hours. Other specs should contain a bigger sound with some punch at least that’s what is mentioned in the paper, it uses Bluetooth 5.0 although it is a real technology-based chip like most other pairs,  therefore it supports AAC and SBC audio codecs but has no say in Qualcomm’s AptX.

Let’s Talk About Features & Specification

So inside we only have the headphones in question, other accessories include a USB type-c charging cable there is also a set of spare silicone tips to get a more personalized fit, this is part of their product serial key and we get a user manual as well as a quick start guide,  for controls, it is touch-sensitive, you can press the rod to play and pause the music skip tracks and of course also to activate or deactivate active noise cancellation holding for two seconds that means the controls here lack volume keys. If you want to buy the best earbuds? So I would like to give boAt Airdopes 201 a review of truly wireless earbuds, features, and specifications.

So you cannot increase the volume higher or lower directly on the EP-N5 model on closer inspection the design is quite clean the size of the battery case is also about average it says it remains a little bigger than the AirPods but still easy, enough to put in a pocket when you’re on the go here it is next to the EP-T10 model that I have already presented, you can get a rough idea of ​​the sizes.

Below we have the type C charging port, on a shell is completely plastic including this hinge part here, but overall the product remains solid, now you can open it and you can see the LEDs completely sparkle to tell you the battery status staying inside here, we can also notice that there are also specifications printed on the case,  you can see it has about 500mAh and the total number of hours of battery use, the closure is magnetic, so every time you open the headphones will start to pair with your phone.

The process is therefore very fast and uncomplicated, the headphones are also magnetic so that they can be attached and held in the case with a satisfactory click, now the design of the headphones themselves are quite traditional, but the most is that we have four microphones which help in the smooth operation of noise cancellation the central part here is the touch area which is quite responsive in my tests, and with the headset kit that will allow you to feel rather good and adjusted to your ear.

Despite their lack of a grip on the outside, they did not really fall  even while I was running or jogging, so these headphones are by no means too big or bulky  and you always feel comfortable after wearing them for a few hours, another point is the audio quality and very powerful, really the sound quality was much louder compared to another earphone on the walk, it’s really the bass that was impressive I felt a stronger bass I would say even above most average TWS, so if you listen to something with the beat of the drums, you can really feel the kick and the punch in the background,  it’s actually quite strong on these and I think even bass fans are going to be happy, that being said, 

It doesn’t feel like it’s out of control we feel overall that it is well balanced with the midrange and treble, it just gives a very satisfying sound when you listen even at low frequencies so very good midrange and treble bass are also relatively good in fact, I was just surprised by the cleanliness of the sound for the price of 48 €.

Even if you turn the volume low enough to listen and pause the sound, you will not hear static, hissing, or buzzing in the background so it’s very clean and distortion-free, in fact even without active noise cancellation I would say this is one of the best budgets for wireless headphones for the price pretty much all the music I tried to listen to was a joy to listen to just because of the way they sounded clean and really full of life which sounds better than Apple earbuds,  regarding the cleanliness of the sound and just pack in more detail switching to the active noise cancellation component.

I would say slightly lower than the audio quality, so it works if you turn them on,  you will be able to hear a difference, especially if you have something like fan noise in the background or if you are in a car the engine sounds are reduced so that you can listen to the music with more comfort, that says compared to more expensive ANC headphones I would say the difference will not be so dramatic but I am always happy to see it here that Aukey has improved their experience in the manufacture of pairs of headphones and especially headphones with ANC.


so this is not their first attempt, it’s great to see them postponing some of their premium products in the past now on a budget option, so that’s more or less all regarding our test is Aukey EP-N5 exam Budget-friendly wireless headphones with active noise cancellation it is comfortable to wear and although the ANC is not at the top level, it’s always a good option to find especially at such a low price, in fact.

I think it’s going to be the cheapest ANC headphones we’ve reviewed so far, great for things like listening to music and watching YouTube videos or the audio and video remain synchronized, I had no connectivity issues when walking around playing or during a break, the sound was really smooth, uninterrupted, and overall, it was awesome.

Value for money in terms of pure audio quality I think for this price we get the top in terms of construction or wireless charging but the strong point is to orient towards the ANC with the right price and if that’s what you’re looking for, So thank you for watching to the end,  I tell you to see you soon for a new blog post, from here you wear it well.

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