AWS vs Azure vs Google

AWS vs Azure vs Google: How to Select the Right Cloud Service for Your Business?

Cloud services become one of the most productive privileges that help in working digitally. However, this will become a demigod in the life of businessmen and also for companies. This can help you to enhance the productivity and the storage to run various applications.

For those who have to work in different locations and need something that can arrange their every little asset then cloud storage is the best option. These Google, Azure, Firebase, AWS, and also Heroku are the best demigods that show the huge power of cloud services.

Such businesses, cloud computing, and application management provide greater flexibility at cheaper prices without the need to own any assets, such as servers, workstations, or hardware stores.

If you are having any confusion between AWS vs Azure vs Google to know which is the best cloud service available for your business. Then this article will be going to help you in clearing your all doubts and query.

Different Types Of Cloud Storage Services Available In The Market

Here are three basic types of cloud services that most companies are using for their digital storage.

  1. Public Cloud: Such a kind of cloud service is very important and crucial that is owned and managed by some thief-party companies. Some of the best examples are Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, IBM cloud services, Amazon web services, and many more.
  2. Private Cloud: This is the most exclusive cloud computing service available for a single user that requires both software and hardware by using a private network.
  3. Hybrid Cloud: Such a kind of cloud is a solid combination of both public and private cloud services. It’s essentially a single IT system made up of multiple environments connected by LANs, WANs, VPNs, APIs, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and VMware.

These are the main three cloud storage services available that most businessmen or IT experts are using for their cloud storage.

What Are The Key Factors That You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing Cloud Services

  1. Know Your Business Requirements: Whenever you are looking for investing in such kinds of cloud services make sure you are aware of your type of business. Also, it includes all the major requirements, goals, virtuals, and shortcomings of your working company.
  2. Costing For Entire Cloud Service: This will be the major aspect that comes to every business or company should look at. Know the exact amount of budget and proper resources. You should specify the budget and resources. Before investing in cloud service do compare different companies that are offering similar services.
  3. Data Security: the other important factor that you should follow is to check the cloud data services. The company must follow up-to-date security policies and protocols to control user accounts.
  4. Customer Support: While using such kinds of services you should also check which company offers better customer service. Because when you use such cloud computing storage services you will going to face various technical problems. However, it will be difficult to resolve such kind of issue as you are not from that IT background. To overcome that customer support is very important to resolve a plethora of issues.
  5. Technical Capabilities: Every cloud service either AWS, Google or Azure, must provide the latest and updated modern mechanism. With the help of that, it will become easier for the user to deploy and manage their task on various other applications.

So, whenever you are looking to invest in some well-reputed companies for getting cloud storage then make sure to consider these factors. However, if you know the key factor then you can make the right decision for your company as well as for your business.

Check Out Best Cloud Service Providers For Business

Here is a list of well-reputed cloud computing service providers that we have short lost for you. You can choose any one of them and also know which service is better to invest by comparing AWZ vs Google vs Azura.

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)– Using serverless technologies like Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon SQS Queues, and AWS Lambda Functions, AWS allows a smooth and flexible data collection flow. It allows businesses to select their preferred web application platform, operating system, database, and programming languages, among other features. Some of the top divisions of AWS are their storage, services, networking, remote, and so on. It includes the features like simple storage service, aurora, Amazon RDS, EC2, Lightsail, amazon safe maker, etc.
  2. Microsoft Azure: It is a platform for developing, delivering, and administering a wide range of services and applications across a vast network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Compute, networking, data management databases, and performance are all included in Azure’s offerings. Azure also features comprehensive networking capabilities, including the ability to connect virtual networks across different regions and support for numerous site-to-site connections to virtual networks.
  3. Google Cloud Platform: GCP is a compelling alternative to both AWS and Azure, because of its user-friendly interface, lower rates, preemptible instances, and flexible compute options. All data and communication connections, including traffic between data centers, are fully encrypted by Google. It provides a number of ready-to-use APIs in the areas of computer vision, natural language processing, and translation. Engineers can create models using the open-source TensorFlow deep learning package from Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

With the help of the above information, you can find comparisons between the three best cloud services.


The use of cloud storage services is essential for running your business smartly. However, depending on your budget and resources. Most of the companies are using hybrid cloud computing services because it has both public and private clouds.

If you are new to investing in these storage services then go for a private cloud service as you can experience various factors while using such a smart way to store your important reports. When you are familiar with all aspects of the cloud then switch to hybrid cloud services. So, we hope this comparison between Google cloud vs AWS vs Azure will help you to understand which cloud services are better for you.

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