Best Shopify Themes

Best Shopify Themes You Should Know for Online Stores in 2022

You have a plan to sell online. You have decided on the product and decided to use Shopify, and now you need to design your store. In today’s world, every business needs to move their business to an online platform, since the internet has become part of our everyday lives. Without a doubt, regardless of the design, the quality of your item is also critical. However, the product will not reach or attract your clients unless you have an easy-to-use and intuitive website design.

Do you have any idea that a website’s first impression is formed in less than 50 milliseconds? And during this period, the majority of your visitors will determine whether or not to stay on your eCommerce website. So to make sure that fractions of a second are enthralling you need to hire Shopify programmers who can customize the themes from scratch according to your brand’s vision.

Therefore, when developing a new eCommerce website or updating an old one, think about the features that will help people to stay and return. Let’s begin with understanding the significance of Shopify themes or themes for an eCommerce website in general.

Why Should You Choose An eCommerce Theme with Care?

If you have used Shopify themes you would know that there are many options available, each adhering to a certain niche. However, the theme you use should be appropriate for the content of your website. What’s more, certain themes in Shopify will come with a plethora of choices for personalization.

And if you have little to no technical knowledge, it might be difficult to make any change and utilize the plugins. You might pay for another theme or hire a Shopify theme developer or expert to modify the one in such a case. Some themes might look excellent but might take time to load, which is a bummer when it comes to ranking high on Google. The company’s credibility is also based on the website design and easy navigation. It should be compatible with the screen and different devices.

So feel free to play around with your theme setting or even get a new Shopify theme you fancy. Your Shopify store won’t break or you won’t have any downtime if it is done right. 

How to pick the Best Shopify Theme for your Business?

Below we have listed the main features and functions you need to look for in a Shopify theme:

  1. It should be 100% responsive to verify that it works properly with all screen types and devices.

  2. It is critical to choose a theme and design which is appropriate for your business and appealing to your customers.

  3. You are unlikely to spot a theme that fully meets your needs and requirements, so you must check for the customization option to tweak and twist the default layout.

Best Shopify Themes You Can Opt-in 2022

  1. Turbo: This theme is designed for all sorts of eCommerce stores and as the name suggests it offers maximum speed performance. Though it is a premium theme that holds the potential to skyrocket your eCommerce store’s performance to the next level. With its high configuration and amazingly flexible designs, it adds immense value to your online store by enhancing the look and feel. Highlight features include:

    1. Fast loading speed

    2. Interactive mini cart

    3. Customizable page fastest Shopify templates and layouts

  2. Simple: This is one of the most trending themes that gets consistently good reviews. While offering the basic functionalities you need to get your eCommerce up and running quickly, this clean and minimalist theme is very easy to set up. Highlight features include:

    1. It has a lot of white space

    2. Differs from minimal with a sidebar menu feature to display your products

    3. The themes come in three different styles, that is, light, beauty, and toy. All of which differ from each other

  3. Responsive: This is one of the best Shopify themes and a sensational option for those in search of one. As same as Turbo, Responsive is also a product of Out-of-Sandbox, a well-known third-party Shopify theme. Highlight features include:

    1. Technically robust and flexible theme

    2. Looks sharp across devices

    3. Suits a wide range of products and industry type

    4. Offers highly customizable options for layout, typography, and featured promotions

  4. Ella: This theme is listed as one of the bestseller items on Themeforest. So if you are looking for a mobile-optimized layout and incredible UI/UX then Ella is well-reputed as a drag and drop Shopify theme. Highlight features include:

    1. Offers store owners with responsive, well-designed, and eye-catching templates.

    2. Updates themes frequently while releasing new Shopify themes monthly to satisfy customers and merchants to keep refurbishing their storefront.

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