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Doctor On Demand App Development: Key Features & Cost

According to Jeff Bezos, “the healthcare system is difficult, and we approach this endeavor with an open mind about its degree of complexity.”Healthcare expenditures have spiraled out of control, wreaking havoc on society like a hungry parasite.

On-demand doctor app development has arisen as a quickly growing and possibly disruptive area of the healthcare sector, with the objective of assisting in the management of chronic disease expenses. Differentiating oneself via activities that thrill and shake up social tensions may follow as a natural progression and provide more respite, especially when entrance barriers are minimal.

Telemedicine and on-demand doctor app development solutions are accelerating transformation in the healthcare business. The app has a rather wide range of functionality and constraints on those features. However, the critical elements that comprise the app’s core are summarized here.

The Doctor-on-Demand app consists of features such as:

Patients feature:


User Registration:

Patients can register by providing an email address or a phone number. We suggest using two-factor authentication, which includes SMS/voice/phone verification since the app handles sensitive data.

User Profile:

Users can establish a profile that contains all of their personal information, including a profile photo, their name, their age, gender, their address, city, and any medical conditions they can have.

Locate Physicians:

Doctors can be discovered and investigated using a variety of criteria, including their specialization, degree, rating, and location.

Consult a physician directory:

After selecting a physician, the user should be able to read the physician’s profile, which should include the physician’s picture, specialization, address, consultation fees, email, phone number, and available appointment slots.

Make an Appointment:

By choosing a communication channel, patients can verify the doctor’s availability and make an appointment with him or her (phone call, via chat, video calling, or in-person). Appointments are subject to cancellation or rescheduling.

Specifics Regarding the Reservation:

Allow patients to book appointments for themselves and for dependant profiles such as family or friends.

Type of Appointment:

Allow patients to choose their preferred mode of visit, such as on-demand or planned.

Selection of payment method:

Patients should have the option of selecting their own payment method, as well as insurance and health plan (if any).

You must settle your debts:

Patients can make safe online payments using a number of payment gateway connections, such as credit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking.

Video Calling Within the App:

For genuine patient-doctor communication, integrated audio and video calling are available.

Internal communication/messaging:

Doctors can be contacted through chat or text messaging.

Digital Medical Records:

Medical records and other health information can be shared with physicians for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment.

Reviews and Evaluations:

Patients can rate, review, and give comments on providers.

Create a list of Favorites:

Favorite physicians can be labeled to make them easier to locate and contact at a glance.


Patients are reminded of impending appointments, medications, and payments by email, SMS, and push notifications.

Features for Doctor’s:

Let’s take a look at each feature of the Doctor’s panel for on-demand doctor appointment app development:

A Physician’s Profile:

Doctors can establish a complete profile, including which clinics they serve and their location, as well as their availability hours.

Make an Appointment:

Patients can make appointments with doctors who are available.

Appointment Accepted or Rejected:

In non-emergency scenarios, a physician can choose to refuse a patient or accept one if space is available.

Configure Availability:

Doctors can regulate on-demand availability toggles such as whether they are available for a phone call, video chat, or home visit by setting their availability status to online/offline.


This feature allows physicians to electronically prescribe to patients, which are then saved in one of two databases.

Video Call in Real Time:

Doctors can use video conferencing to conduct live video conferences with patients and to collaborate with other healthcare providers.

White Boards:

This capability is optional. Physicians can use whiteboards to communicate with their patients or other professionals about anything.

Forward and Reverse:

Doctors can save and communicate medical data, photographs, and patient histories in a safe manner.

Integration of Electronic Medical Records:

Doctors can utilize EMRs to connect patient histories and information, enabling smooth remote consultations.

Solution for Multiple-Direction Video:

This functionality might be retained as an optional feature for physicians to interact with one another.

What Is the Cost of Developing a Doctor-on-Demand or Telemedicine App?

Following things leave their impact on the overall cost of developing a doctor-on-demand app solution:

  • User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design
  • Native application development for iOS and Android
  • The backend’s development
  • Website design and development
  • Administration of projects
  • Assurance of superior quality

According to estimates, the hourly rates charged to innovate an on-demand doctor app range between $20 and $150 per hour, have a substantial influence on the costs associated with producing identical telemedicine applications with unique features for a variety of customers.


The old normal has been replaced by the new normal after the COVID-19 virus’s destruction of the earth. Essential delivery to your home is one of the most significant new rules in the new normal. Because patients have been asked to remain at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, app developers now have an incredible chance to design an on-demand doctor app that will inform doctors and specialists immediately about the patient and send them to their door. Developing such an app will allow for communication with all of the patients who are in desperate need of aid at this vital period.


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