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You maybe already aware that of late JavaScript has enjoyed a lot of surge in popularity and it’s not without good reason. With JavaScript, developers can build websites and app-like websites using just one set of technologies.

Suppose you are working on a development project. Maybe you have got some developers handy who know what they are doing. Without a doubt, they are skilled in certain languages and know the niche frameworks like Python, Swift, PHP, and Ruby, the list goes on. But what you should actually do is hire a JavaScript expert. 

Hire Dedicated JavaScript Experts and Get Started with Your Project

Professionals know what they are doing and how to do it well. They write clean codes for performance and efficiency that’s easy to follow and tough to crack. As good quality code is always a better return on investment, make sure you hire the right developer for creating full-featured web applications. There are various JavaScript developers for various tasks, and they are split into their responsibilities.

 It is important to note that JavaScript developers are often underrated, but they are foundational members of any project. Plus, they can jump between frontend, backend, and mobile programming with ease. You definitely want to hire the pros, but you haven’t landed on anyone yet? Because there are developers who just check JavaScript off the list and others that are pro. And you want to hire the pros.

The Type of JavaScript Developer You Need

  • Front-end JavaScript Developer: These developers create the user-interface side of the application. Plus, they have the expertise in the design requirements of an application. So if you already have a backend engineer on your team, then your search should focus on finding a dedicated front-end resource.

  • Backend JavaScript Developer: These developers are responsible for any functionality that runs on the server. Plus, they help to build the app’s database architecture. An important factor to note while hiring one is that they need to have a deep understanding of Node.js, be able to write APIs, as well as connect data to the front end.

  • Full-Stack JavaScript Developer: These developers can create both the architecture of your app and design its user interface. You can simply consider them if you are starting a project from scratch and don’t wish to hire specialized developers for both the front and back end.

Reasons You Need JavaScript Developers on Your Team

  1. JavaScript programming is everywhere: Like a comfortable pair of trousers, your web browser wears JavaScript. As it is easy to work with and also looks good with just about anything.

  2. You can’t do without JavaScript: If your project has anything to do with the web, this super dynamic language helps you stand out from the competition. You will be able to keep up with the latest design trends and keep your business running quarter after quarter with decent returns if you hire a JavaScript developer.

  3. More bang for your buck: Since it is one of the most fundamental languages, the developers who know it also is highly proficient in other languages, giving these developers a much broader perspective and maximum returns on your investment.

Best Ways to Evaluate JavaScript Developers for Your Next Project

  1. Look for experience: Experience is a skill you can’t teach. Opting to hire developers with relevant experience will ensure that you get the work done by an individual who has the core competency in the field. Before you hire one, consider the complexity of your project, the level of expertise it requires and the budget you can offer.

  2. Communicates effectively: Whether your project requires short, clearly-defined tasks or more in-depth and complex tasks, it is crucial to find a JavaScript developer with excellent communication skills. A developer with good communication skills will be able to communicate different ideas, designs, and project progress for everybody to understand.

  3. Strong portfolio: The world is changing, and so is the ability to keep up with the newest code languages, applications, and devices. When you hire JavaScript developers, you want them to be able to dance between the frameworks. No matter the project requirements, the developers will implement all of the frameworks and make them truly shine. Your developer should be aware of all the tech tendencies which increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and also attract a broader audience.

  4. Get to know their tech skills through references: Most often it is hard to get a clear objective picture of a developer’s collaboration skills. And if you have talked to professionals, you would know that everyone frames themselves in a positive light when sharing past experiences. The best way is to determine the knowledge of libraries and frameworks you require.

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