Care Of The Beautiful Curve Of Your Smile

A healthy-looking smile with the perfect setting of those pearly whites can charm up your personality. A smile is described as the upturning of the corners of the mouth. The parting of lips during a smile exposes one’s dental smile line, which is also called the smile arc.

The smile arc is the imaginary line drawn from the edges of the incisors of the anterior maxillary teeth and then following the curvature of the upper inferior border. A pleasant smile is delivered when a smooth transition of a dental smile line, shape, alignment, colour. Dentist central coast is qualified to help you with the beautification, perfection and maintenance of the curve of your smile.

There are several aesthetic components involved in a smile makeover that we will discuss in this article. And we will also talk about the secrets behind a smile that sets everything right.

  • Smile Makeover

If an individual is unhappy with their smile, then they can choose the process of improving the appearance of your smile using one or more cosmetic procedures. Some of the procedures involved in the smile makeover are Dental veneers, Composite bonding, Teeth whitening, and tooth implants. But not all of these procedures will be used on everyone, the smile makeover is unique and can be personalized according to the client’s requirement.

During a smile makeover, your dentist will enquire about the aspects that you are unhappy about your smile. After that, the dentist will determine what could be done for improving the following areas contributing to your smile:

  •  Colour

The tooth colour is one of the most areas of concern among most patients. Stained or dull teeth can be caused because of many reasons, but one should remember that the ivory colour of the tooth is natural. Some foods like coffee, tea, colas, red wine, dark stained berries, beetroot, etc. can stain your teeth. Acidic food and some bad habits like tobacco intake in any oral form can damage the enamel layer of teeth and can also cause discolouration of gums.

A solution to this is teeth whitening treatment, and for tooth-coloured composite restoration, silver or amalgam fillings are used. During procedures like porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns, composite bonding, and dental implants, the shade and colour of the tooth are taken into consideration.

For a youthful appearance, one should have a smile with bright white teeth. So it is best to refer to a qualified dentist at a reputed clinic like Kariong Dental Care. They can provide you with a balance of white and bright smiles while maintaining the natural colour of your teeth. But an individual should also maintain this by brushing twice minimum and flossing once a day at least.

  • Spacing and Alignment

Another important aspect of your teeth setting that contributes to the beautiful curve of your smile is the alignment and spacing of teeth. Some people are unhappy with their crooked teeth, have gaps, or are overlapping. But these dental problems can be fixed with the help of orthodontics for obtaining straightened and aligned teeth.

  • Balance and Harmony

The smile curve of an individual is affected if there are uneven, cracked and chipped teeth. Some people are also bothered about their gummy smiles. These problems can be corrected by cosmetic dental bonding and re-countering of the gum line that will help to improve the overall look of your smile. For such dental care and treatment, people can contact a reputed dentist clinic like Dentist Gosford offers excellent quality service at an affordable price.

  • Missing Tooth/Teeth

 The appearance of an individual’s smile can be negatively affected by one or more missing teeth. Missing teeth also increase the chances of tooth decay and affect the biting of food capability as well. The missing tooth/teeth can be treated by replacing the vacant area with dental implants, partial dentures, or bridges.

The smile makeover will involve the cosmetic dentist to enquire and working closely with the patient to come up with a treatment plan. This plan will be specially designed by the dentist to achieve what the client desires and expects from the makeover. Some potential cosmetic and functionality restoration procedures that this designed plan can include are teeth whitening, orthodontics (braces), composite bonding, dental crowns, veneers, gummy smile reduction and maxillofacial surgery.

And before performing the mentioned procedures, the cosmetic dentist will examine the client’s tooth length, smile line, tooth proportions, tooth texture and characterization. Thanks to technology, several mockups, before and after results, can be viewed before the procedures take place, using dental imaging software.

Secrets for maintaining a smile that makes everything right:

  • Brush floss and rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash every day to maintain that beautiful smile and after having food check your teeth often.
  • Mouthwash is an essential element that people sometimes underestimate. In the areas where the brush cannot reach, mouthwash definitely reaches and cleans thoroughly and also creates a refreshing air in your mouth.
  • Avoid eating lot’s of sweet food, and even if you do, make sure to brush your teeth after that.

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